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Cayman Islands Needs Assessment Unit

Our vision is for Caymanians to live healthy, safe and independent lives.

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How can we help

The NAU provides financial assistance to people who find themselves unable to fund their basic needs, such as shelter, food, and clothing. The financial assistance is normally a short-term measure, intended to provide a temporary bridge to help our clients back onto their feet. At the same time, we recognise that the elderly, or those with a permanent disability, may need longer-term help. 

The NAU can assist those that qualify with a variety of basic living expenses:

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Rent & Utilities

Rental may be provided for a maximum of 6 months within a fiscal year. Families with up to four members may be eligible for up to a maximum of CI$800, and families with five or more members for up to a maximum of CI$1,200 per month. For single, able-bodied individuals, the maximum is CI$650 per month inclusive of utilities or $500 a month for rent only. Rental relief is payable directly to a landlord for a fixed period. The landlord cannot be a direct family member of the person seeking relief. For electricity, water, and propane, the maximum amounts available are $2,500 in 12 months and up to $90 for propane with a top set of 3 times per year.

Food & Clothing

Bi-weekly or monthly relief may be provided temporarily through food vouchers, gift certificates or gift cards made payable to a specific vendor. The assistance for food/groceries range from $75 per week (or $300 per month) for a single person to $130 per week ($520 per month) for six people. Families of more than six people are provided with an additional $5 per person per week.

Monthly Relief

Clients who are assessed to be in need as a result of being elderly and/or having a mental or physical disability, and having savings of less than $8,000, may be assisted with a monthly stipend of up to $950.

School Uniforms

Relief payments may be available for up to 3 school uniforms and one physical education uniform per child per year.

School Lunches

Proper student nutrition plays an important role in learning, as well as shaping lifelong healthy eating habits. For those who have trouble providing school lunches for their children, we can provide financial relief of $6.50 a day for primary school students and $8.00 a day for high school students.

Preschool Assistance

We understand that childcare is an essential service for those returning to work. We may be able to provide financial assistance of up to $450 per month per eligible child to help cover preschool costs.

Medical Travel

If medical insurance does not cover the cost of necessary overseas travel for treatment, eligible clients may qualify for $400 per overseas medical trip, up to two round trips per year. Eligible clients between the Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman may qualify for $150 per round trip up to two times per year.

Medical Insurance

For those who are uninsured and cannot afford basic health insurance, we can conduct a financial assessment and may submit an application to the relevant approving body to provide CINICO coverage for the applicant and/or their dependants.

Medical Equipment, Dental & Optical

Eligible clients who require medical equipment and/or supplies that are not provided through their health insurance coverage will qualify for up to $1,000 per year to help with the costs. We may also be able to pay for dentures up to $500 per year and up to $1,500 for braces that are not covered by insurance but that are medically required. Up to $300 may be made for optical/vision expenses. However, exceptions can be made where an ophthalmologist or optician has indicated a need for a special prescription.

Funeral Costs

Clients who are unable to raise sufficient funds to bury a loved one can be provided assistance up to $3,500 towards the low-cost funeral package that is offered by the funeral homes to clients of the NAU. We may also be able to provide up to $1,200 towards the cost of a vault.

We are here to help!

We assist Caymanians to reach their full potential by living healthy, safe and independent lives. To see if you qualify to receive assistance click the icon below

For further details including definitions, the full list of services provided, and the eligibility criteria for those services, please refer to our Eligibility Criteria document.

If you have further questions, please contact us, visit us at our offices, or come and see us at one of our District Days.

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Apply for NAU assistance

You can now apply online for financial assistance from the Needs Assessment Unit. 

You can also download a fillable PDF Form here and submit it by email to You can also visit one of the NAU's offices or see us on a District Day. After submitting your application, an officer will contact you within five days if any additional information is needed or to book an appointment. 

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Helping the vulnerable and disadvantaged to lead healthy and safe lives

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The Needs Assessment Unit

The Needs Assessment Unit is the Cayman Islands Government's vehicle to deliver financial assistance to qualifying Caymanians who are unable to support themselves or their families. We care about the needs of Caymanians. Our team works hard to ensure that we listen to and provide guidance to those in need.
​We provide qualified Caymanians with the financial assistance they need to meet their basic needs and live a healthy, safe and independent life. We collaborate with the Education Department, Health Services and other agencies to provide personalised solutions for our clients.

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We provide solutions to improve the wellbeing of our people